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Innovtion and entrepreneurship are on the rise in the Faroe Islands, this is visible in the success of incubators such as  Íverksetarahúsið in Klaksvík and Hugskotið in Tórshavn. Entrepreneurial Faroese youth are both willing and able to go new exciting ways aided by incubators such as these.

Many of these entrepreneurial youths are likely connected to the University of the Faroe Islands, either as students or new graduates. Until now, however, the University of the Faroe Islands has yet to offer an organised in-house approach to support student and staff who wish to pursue innovative endeavour in an academic setting.

Currently, the University of the Faroe Islands is not a key player in the collaborations between industry and the incubators. The establishment of a Centre for Innovation at the University, is an effort to rectify this situation.

The Centre for Innovation is not meant to become an incubator like Íverksetarahúsið or Hugskotið - but acts as a link between research, industry and incubators. The Centre will connect these actors and add to the ecuation that is Faroese innovation.

Initially the Centre for Innovation will be building and maintaining local, regional and global networks and will seek to establish a fund containing liquid assets meant to support local research that benefits innovation.

The Centre for Innovation will also initiate, support and nurture collaborative projects that are tied to the University of the Faroe Islands, industry, incubators and actors external to the Faroe Islands. The Centre will also take a supporting role in adding entrepreneurial and innovative thinking into University programmes.



Centre contacts

Martin Mohr Olsen

Assistant (TBD)

Members of the board (ALL TBD)

Representative from the University of the Faroe Islands (TBD)

Representative from Íverksetanarhúsið (TBD)

Representative from Húgskotið (TBD)

Representative from industry (TBD)

Representative from government (TBD)

Representative from civil society (TBD)


Strategic partners and Key sponsors


Active projects

Green Growth Digalogue 2018: Responsible Tourism

→ Northern Periphery and Arctic 2014-2020: Our Coastal Futures

Environmental Week 2018: Student-built aquaponics system

Arctic Circle Forum 2018 breakout session: Arctic Food Security

→ Green Student-House: Retrofitting of and old house with Glasir

→ Arctic Circle 2018: Student gathering at the 2018 Arctic Circle in Reykjavík

→ GrowBox project with Danish Technical University: Arctic Container Farming

→ People, Planet and Profit: Sustainable Student Entrepreneurship with Danish Technical University

→ Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Elective course at the University of the Faroe Islands

→ Arctic EntrepreneurSHIP, with Danish Technical University

→ Unnamed, larger food-production project

Completed projects




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